Reports on the actual status of SGI accessibility

An actual status of SGI accessibility has been analysed by the INTESI project. The project focuses on 10 test areas located in five alpine countries (Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France and Slovenia). The test areas were selected explicitly to be able to provide a realistic and explorative first overview situation of differences and similarities regarding the provision and regulation of SGI across the Alpine area.

Eurac researchers of the Institute of Regional Development designed regional profiles to compare the current SGI delivery of the TAs according to their availability (GIS maps), accessibility (spatial-statistics) and service quality (workshops and interviews). These, together with elaborated scenarios for the population forecast, serve to identify future challenges and provide a demand-orientated service delivery.

An overview of the project is privided in the Synthesis Report. For regional reports of the different test areas please refer to the list below:

Austria:           Tyrol - Reutte/Ausserfern
                          Carinthia - Lieser-/Maltatal

France:            Alpes Sud Isère, Pays Maurienne, Pays A3V

Italy:                 Lombardy - Valchiavenna
                           South Tyrol - Val Passiria

Slovenia:          Idrija & Cerkno

Switzerland:    Canton of Jura - Western part of the district of Porrentruy