Database of existing strategies on SGI in the Alpine space

The database was collected within the Alpine Space Program project INTESI. The project lasted from 2015 until 2018. The database makes no claim to be complete.

Austrian (national)    
General Guideline Austrian Spatial Development Concept
Regional development Programme Austria - Rural Development Programme
Telecomunication Legislation Austrian Telecommunication Law
Telecomunication Strategy Austrian Broadband Strategy
Health Strategy Austrian structural plan health
Health Guideline Austrian dementia strategy final report
Austria (Tirol)    
General Legislation Tyrolean Spatial Planning Law
General Strategy Future Space Tyrol
Sustainability Strategy Sustainability Strategy Tyrol
General Legislation Tyrolean Municipality Organization Law
General Legislation Tyrolean Law on Services
Regional development Programme Regional Economy Development Program for Nature Park Region Lech - Außerfern
Transport Strategy Strategy for Fernpass
Transport Legislation Tyrolean Road Law
Telecomunication Strategy Broadband Masterplan for the Tyrol
Health Legislation Tyrolean hospital plan
Health Plan Regional structural plan health of the Tyrol - ambualnt module
Social care Programme Structure plan Care for the State of Tyrol
Education Legislation Tyrolean Schoolorganization Law
Education Legislation Tyrolean Childhood Education and Care Law
Regional development Strategy Local Action Group Regional Development Osttirol
Regional development Strategy Local Strategy - Rural Development Außerfern
Social care Guideline Social Concept Außerfern
Basic goods Legislation Tyrolean shopping center program
Austria (Carinthia)    
Regional development Legislation Carinthian Spatial Planning Law
Regional development Legislation Carinnhtian Municipality planing Law
Regional development Strategy Strategic development Carinthia
Transport Strategy Regional traffic plan
Transport Strategy Mobiltiy master plan Carinthia 2035
Telecomunication Strategy Broadband masterplan for Carinthia
Health Plan Regional Health Care Structure Plan Carinthia 2020
Basic goods Legislation Carinthian shopping center program
Regional development Strategy Local development strategy for Nockregion
General Legislation « NOTRe » Act of August 7th 2015 (New territorial organisation of the Republic)
General Legislation Mountain Act
General Legislation The law for Modernisation of Territorial Public Action and Affirmation of the Metropolis (known as the MAPAM law) January 27th 2014
Regional development Legislation February 23th Act about rural areas development
Regional development Legislation Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development Act of June 25th 1999
Transport Strategy / Programme The act of December 30th 1982 about domestic transport
Health Legislation July 21st 2009 Act about Hospital, patients, health and territories (known as HPST Act)
Health Legislation The 26th january 2016 act about health system (Touraine law)
Social care Legislation The act of february 11th 2005 for equal rights and opportunities, participation and citizenship of disabled people
Social care Legislation Adaptation of society to the ageing of the population Act of December 28th 2015
Social care Legislation The act of January 2nd 2002 reforming social and medico-social intervention
Education Legislation Professional training, employment and social democracy Act of March 5th 2014
Education Legislation Higher education and research Act of july 22nd 2013
Education Legislation July 8th 2013 Act reforming primary school
General Strategy Isere departmental plan for intercommunal Cooperation (2011)
General Strategy Alpes de Haute Provence departmental plan for intercommunal Cooperation (2011)
Social care Strategy Isère Departmental plan for the Autonomy of disabled and elderly people 2011-2015
Social care Strategy Alpes de Haute-Provence Departmental plan for ederly people 2015-2017
Social care Strategy Alpes de Haute-Provence Departmental plan for children and families 2016-2020
General Strategy Savoie departmental plan for intercommunal Cooperation (2011)
Social care Strategy Savoie Departmental plan for Ederly people 2011-2016
Social care Strategy Savoie Departmental Plan for Disabled people 2014-2019
Social care Strategy Savoie Departmental plan 2012-2017 for families and children
Social care Strategy Savoie Departmental Social Cohesion Plan 2014-2018
Telecomunication Strategy Territorial outline plan for digital planning in Isère 2015
Telecomunication Strategy Alpes de Haute Provence Territorial outline plan for digital development (2012)
Telecomunication Strategy Territorial outline plan for digital development in Savoie 2012
Regional development Plan Interregional agreement for Alpine massif 2015/2020
Regional development Programme Rural development programme (Regional) - PACA 2014-2020
Regional development Strategy PACA Project contract State-Region 2015-2020
Regional development Strategy PACA Regional Spatial Planning and Development plan 2030
Transport Strategy PACA Regional Transportation Plan 2006
Transport Strategy Regional political framework for ecomobility Rhône-Alpes 28/3/2013
Transport Strategy Regional political framework for improving local transport commissions between service providers and customers / passengers
Transport Strategy Regional political framework concerning new services offered in railway stations
Telecomunication Guideline Digital Rhone -Alpes
Health Guideline Reducing inequality of access to health services for regional citizens
Health Strategy / Programme Rhône Alpes regional Health programm/Plan
Social care Guideline Seasonality act
Social care Strategy PACA regional Social Care plan
Social care Strategy Rhône Alpes regional Social Care plan
Education Strategy PACA Regional Higher education and research and innovation plan (2014)
Education Programme PACA Regional employment and apprenticeship program 2015-2016
Education Strategy Rhône Alpes development plan for the regional public service of orientation
Transport Strategy State / Region planning contract 2015-2020
Telecomunication Strategy PACA Regional Cohesion strategy for Digital planning (2011)
Health Strategy PACA Regional Health Program 2012-2016
Health Strategy PACA Regional Health Care Program 2012-2016
Regional development Plan Territorial contract between Maurienne and Savoie (2012-2017)
Regional development Plan Pays A3V Regional territorial balance Contract
Regional development Guideline Pays de Maurienne Public service plan (2016)
Regional development Spatial plan Grenoble Territorial Cohesion blueprint
Regional development Spatial plan Oisans Territorial Cohesion blueprint
Regional development Spatial plan Pays de Maurienne territorial Cohesion blueprint
Regional development Strategy Pays de Maurienne Development Charter (2004)
Regional development Strategy Pays A3V Charter (2003)
Regional development Strategy/Guideline/Plan VERDON LEADER 2014-2020 (“Verdon reinvents its rurality: Enhancing the economic, social and ecological transition of the territory”)
Regional development Strategy/Guideline/Plan Alpes Sud Isère LEADER (Supporting territory towards new economic development opportunities) 2014-2020
Italy (Lombardy)    
General Legislation Constitution - art. 43 - 44 - 117
General Legislation National Law for Municipality organization and competences
General Legislation Italian national law for Euroepan Directive 2006/123/EC implementation.
General Legislation National law (draft) about services of general economic interest (SGEI) at local level
Telecomunication Strategy Ultrabroadband Italian strategy (Infrastructure)
Telecomunication Strategy Digital growth strategy (demand side)
Regional development Legislation Regional funds to support Lombardy small municipalities
Regional development Legislation Reorganization and legislation for Lombardy Mountain Communities and Municipalites Unions
Regional development Legislation Regional Law for re-organization of local institutions and their competences, and rules for the definition of mountain territories specificity.
Regional development Guideline Guidelines for mountains areas development
Regional development Legislation Regional actions to support population living in mountain areas
Regional development Strategy Tourism Strategy for Hinterland Areas / Axis 6 - ERDF 2014-2020 Lombardy ROP
Transport Legislation Law for transport sector
Telecomunication Strategy Lombardy Digital Agenda
Telecomunication Programme ERDF 2014-2020 Lombardy ROP - Axis 2 Enhancing access to, and use and quality of ICT
Telecomunication Programme Essential services for rural areas - Rural development programme (RDP) Lombardy EARDF 2014-2020 ROP - Objective 7
Basic goods Legislation Law for trade and fair sector development
Basic goods Plan Action plan on trade 2008-2010 - financial support for the "Trade Districts Promotion" action - D.G.R. 7730/2008
Health Legislation Evolution of the health and welfare system in Lombardy: changes to Title I and Title II of Regional Law 30 December 2009, n. 33 - Regional Law No. 23/2015
Health Guideline Regional Guidelines for chronic diseases and fragile conditions caring management 2016-2018 - DGR 4662/2015
Health Guideline Regional Guidelines 2015-2018 for diseases prevention management
Social care Legislation Evolution of the health and welfare system in Lombardy: changes to Title I and Title II of Regional Law 30 December 2009, n. 33 - Regional Law No. 23/2015
Social care Plan Self-sufficiency income and Social Inclusion
Social care Report Policy indication for the integrated health, social-health and welfare. Lombardy Region
Education Legislation Quality, innovation and internationalization in education, training and employment systems - Regional Law 30/2015
Italy (Bolzano)    
General Legislation Essential public service
General Legislation Dir.P.C.M. 27 January 1994. Principles on the delivery of pubblic service
General Legislation Deliberation n.3/2012. Guidelines for the improvement of the quality of public service tools.
General Legislation Decree of the President of the Republic 22 March 1974, n.381. Provisions implementing the Special Statute for the Region Trentino-South Tyrol in the field of urban planning and public works
Regional development Programme National Programme for rural development 2014 - 2020
Regional development Agreement Italy Partnernship Agreement 2014-2020
Health Legislation Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers on November 29, 2001. Definition of basic levels of care.
Health Legislation Legislative Decreen n.299/99: Norms for the rationalization of the national health service
Health Plan Ministry of Health-National Health Plan 2011 - 2013
Social care Legislaton Law 08 November 2000, n. 328. Framework law for the implementation of the integrated system of interventions and social services
Social care Legislation Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers on February 14, 2001. Guidelines and coordination in the field of socio-health services
Social care Legislation Law 8 novembre 1991, n. 381. The disciplines of social coperatives
Education Legislation Law 28 march 2003, n. 53. Delegation to the Government to define general standards of education and levels of performances in education and professional training.
Education Legislation Law 13 July 2015, n. 107. Reform of the national education and training system and the mandate for the reorganize of existing legislation
Education Strategy Comunication Strategy 2014-2020. National operative programme "For the school- Skills and location learning".
Education Plan Action plan for achieving targets of the education sector service 2009
Regional development Programme Autonomous Province of Bolzano- Operational programm. European Social Fund 2014-2020
Regional development Strategy Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Strategy for regional development 2014-2020
Regional development Legislation Provincial Law 11 August 1997, n. 13. Provincial Urban Law
Transport Legislation Provincial Law 14 December, 1974, n. 37 Expenses and fees for research and projects on transport
Transport Legislation Provincial Law, 2 December 1985, n. 16 Public transport of persons
Transport Legislation Decree of the Preseident of the Province, 13 November, 2008, n. 63 Management of the airport in BZ
Transport Legislation Provincial Law, 23 November 2015, n. 15, Public mobility
Transport Legislation Decree of the President of the Republic 19 November, 1987, n. 527. Provisions implementing the Special Statute of Trentino-South Tyrol in the field of communications and transport of provincial interest.
Telecomunication Legislation Provincial legislation 19 January 2012, n.2. Promotion of broadband in the territory of province
Telecomunication Legislation Decree of the provincial president 13 November 2012, n. 38. Guidelines for the preparation of the master plan for the construction of the network of fiber access in municipalities of South Tyrol
Telecomunication Legislation Decree of the provincial president 13 November 2013, n. 36. Regulation on the communication infrastructure with trasmitting facilities
Basic goods Legislation Provincial Law 13 February 1997, n. 4 - Extraordinary Interventions of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol to support the economy
Basic goods Legislation Deliberation 28 April 2015, n. 487. Extraordinary intervention in favor of local supply services - Procvincial law 13 February 1997, n.4
Basic goods Legislation Deliberation n. 4036 of 12.11.2001. Approval of the addresses and provincial programmers criteria for a rational distribution system development, to be observed in presdisposizion of municipal planning tools and provincial, as binding, respectively for me
Basic goods Legislation Deliberation n.1588 of 08.06.2009. New provincial plan approval for large sales structure (article 3, provincial legislation 17 February 2000, n.7 ed articolo 5, D.P.G.P 30 October 2000, n.39)
Health Legislation Provincial law 5 march 2001, n.7. Reordering of the provincial health service.
Social care Legislation Provincial law 30 April, 1991, n.13. Reordering the provincial social service in the Province of Bolzano
Education Legislation Provincial Law, 31 August, 1974, n. 7, School welfare, measures to secure the right to education
General Legislation Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia
General Legislation Act on services in the internal market
General Legislation State Administration Act
General Legislation Social Entrepreneurship Act
General Legislation Public-Private Partnership Act
General Legislation Services of General Economic Interest Act
General Legislation Decree on notification procedure of the requirements for services
General Legislation Decree on Spatial order of Slovenia
General Strategy Spatial Development Strategy of Slovenia
Regional development Legislation Promotion of Balanced Regional Development Act
Regional development Legislation Decree on measures for agricultural structures policy and rural development policy
Regional development Legislation Decree on the implementation of community-led local development in the programming period 2014-2020
Regional development Legislation Decree on the measures of Axis 1, 3 and 4 of the Slovenian Rural Development Programme 2007–2013 in the years 2011-2013
Regional development Programme Rural Development Programme for the Republic of Slovenia 2014-2020
Regional development Programme Regional Develpoment Programme of the North Primorska (Goriška development Region)
Transport Legislation Railway Transport Act
Transport Legislation Road Transport Act
Transport Legislation Regulation on a mode of implementation of economic public service on passanger public line transport in inner road transport and about the concession of this public service
Transport Policy Resolution on the Transport Policy of the Republic of Slovenia (intermodality - time for synergy)
Transport Strategy Transport Development Strategy in the Republic of Slovenia
Transport Guideline Sustainable mobility for successful future, guidelines for the preparation of an integrated transport strategy
Telecomunication Legislation Telecommunications Act
Telecomunication Legislation Electronic Communications Act
Telecomunication Legislation Mass Media Act
Telecomunication Legislation Digital Broadcasting Act
Telecomunication Programme National Programme for the Development of Telecommunication
Telecomunication Strategy Digital Slovenia 2020 - Information Society Development Strategy to 2020
Telecomunication Plan Next-Generation Broadband Network Development Plan to 2020
Telecomunication Strategy Ciber safety Strategy
Basic goods Legislation Trade Act
Basic goods Legislation Postal Services Act
Basic goods Legislation General terms for the provision of a universal postal service
Health Legislation Health Services Act
Health Plan Resolution on National Health Care Plan 2016 - 2025
Health Strategy E-Health 2010: The Strategy for Implementing Information Technology in the Slovenian Healthcare System 2005-2010
Social care Legislation Social Security Act
Social care Programme Resolution on the national social assistance programme 2013-2020
Social care Strategy The strategy of care for the elderly till 2010 – Solidarity, good intergenerational relations and quality ageing of the population
Social care Programme Resoultion on National Programe for Youth 2013-2022
Education Legislation Pre-School Institutions Act
Education Legislation Elementary School Act
Education Legislation Higher Education Act
Education Legislation Organization and Financing of Education Act
Education Legislation Decree on criteria for setting up a public network of elementary schools, a public network of elementary schools and educational institutions for children and youth with special needs, and a public network of music schools
Education Programme Resolution on National programme of higher education
Switzerland (national)    
General Guideline / Strategy Report of the federal council on services of general interest
Regional developement Concept spatial development concept
Transport Legislation Law on the transport of passengers
Transport Legislation Ordinnance on the transport of passengers
Transport Legislation Law on freight transport
Telecomunication Legislation Telecommunications Act
Telecomunication Legislation Odinnance on telcommunication services
Telecomunication Legislation Atlas on broadband
Telecomunication Legislation Law on postal services
Telecomunication Legislation Ordinannce on postal services
Health Strategy Masterplan general doctors