Alpine Think Tank on services of general interest

Numerous studies, policy-recommendations and projects have already dealt with services of general interest (SGI). Several projects on the topic on the transnational level have been carried out the Alpine space. But what is missing is a structured and continuous dialogue amongst the various stakeholders across the Alps. The Alpine Think Tank fills in the gap.

The Alpine Think Tank is a platform for the exchange of experiences on SGI provision across the Alps built up in the framework of the Intesi project of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme. It identifies upcoming challenges for SGI in the Alps and the searches for (transnational) solutions. The Think Tank discusses about policy recommendations and reflects the work of INTESI and EUSALP Action Group 5 as well as of other initiatives in the field of SGI. The Think Tank has no decision making power nor a lobbying function. But the outcomes of the discussions are fed into strategic discussions e.g. into EUSALP, national, regional or local processes or may lead to new initiatives or mandates for concrete projects.

The Alpine Think Tank gives continuity to the topic and a strategic reflection to SGI in the Alps. The Think Tank is an important part of the ongoing EUSALP process and is a concrete output of the Alpine Space Program project INTESI cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund and the Swiss Office for Spatial Development via NRP.

The Alpine Think Tank meets twice a year and consists at the moment of the following members.


Intesi is a EU funded project

Total eligible costs: 1.938.639 Euro
Eligible cost Instutute for Regional Development: 266.500 Euro
ERDF grant: 1.501.473 Euro
FOSD grant: 86.100 CHF



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